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Adopted on 16/6/23

1. Name

The name of the Group shall be Honey Blues Dancing, hereafter referred to as “the group”

2. Aims

The aims of the Group shall be to…

  • …dance to blues music in Manchester and beyond.

  • …learn about and respect the history of blues music & dance.

  • …build a community in which people from all backgrounds feel welcome.

  • …work with and promote the work of other groups who share our aims and values.

  • …support musicians locally and further afield.


3. Powers

In order to achieve its aims, the Group may:

a. Raise money

b. Open bank accounts

c. Take out insurance

d. Hire venues

e. Organise courses and events

f. Work with other groups, and exchange information

g. Do anything else that is lawful, which will help it to fulfil its aims


4. Membership

a. The members of the Group shall be all who have attended an event organised by the Group in the twelve months prior to the General Meeting in question ("Members").

b. Membership of the Group shall be open to any person over 18, or any organisation who is interested in helping the Group to achieve its aims, willing to abide by the rules of the Group, and willing to pay any subscription fees agreed by resolution.

c. Membership event entrance fees may be waived for volunteers.  

d. Membership shall be available to anyone without regard to gender, gender expression, race, nationality, (dis)ability, sexual preference, religion or belief.

e. In the event that a vote is taken at a General Meeting, every individual member shall have one vote, but only if they have attended at least 3 events in the previous 12 months.  Votes may be accepted by proxy or online, at the discretion of the board.

f. Any member may be denied membership and entry to events for good reason by the Committee, but the member has a right to be heard by the Committee, before a final decision is made.

g. The Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to individuals who have been banned from other blues or dance organisations, where it is felt that it is in the interests of the group and its members.


5. Committee 

a. The Group shall have a committee ("the Committee") consisting of at least three persons (each a "Committee Member").

b. The role of the Committee is to manage all aspects of the Group’s administration and the Committee may make such rules on the management of Committee business as it determines.

c. One of the committee members shall be The Chairperson.  

d. The roles and responsibilities of the Committee will be outlined in a separate document, and can be adjusted as required by agreement of the majority of Committee Members at a Committee Meeting.  

e. The Committee may invite persons to attend any of its meetings as a participant without the power to vote.

f. New or additional Members of the Committee shall be appointed from the Members by either:

i. Appointment by a majority of the Committee present at a committee meeting; or

ii. Appointment by a majority of the Members present and voting at a General Meeting.

g. Members of the Committee shall serve until they cease to be a Member, retire or are removed by a majority of the Committee at a Committee meeting, or a majority of the Members present and voting at a General Meeting.

h. On the occasion that a Committee Member is removed by a vote, they will lose any powers and responsibilities with immediate effect and be expected to engage in a handover to their replacement, or another Committee Member if one has not been found.  

i. If a committee member wishes to retire, they should give 2 months notice wherever possible.  

j. Any person who has ceased to be a Committee Member shall be eligible for re-election.

k. No Committee Member, a sub-committee member or any of the Members shall receive remuneration from the Group in money or money's worth with the exception of:

i. out of pocket expenses; and 

ii. remuneration for providing the services of teaching, DJing, technical support, or performing as the band at a live event.

l. The Committee shall meet as and when necessary and the Chairperson will chair its meetings.

m. The Chairperson shall have the power to call general meetings ("General Meetings") open to all Members and can be held for the purposes of considering any matter that should be referred to the Members in general.

n. The Chairperson shall call a General Meeting at the request of not less than two Committee Members or not less than four Members.

o. The format of any General meeting shall be decided by the Committee, including whether any items will be held to a vote.  


6 .Sub-committees

a. The Committee may appoint sub-committees for special purposes

b. When setting up sub-committees the Committee shall determine its terms of reference, composition and powers.

c. Sub-committees shall have a chair.

d. Sub-committees shall have the power to co-opt additional persons as and when required.

7. General Meetings 

a. The Chairperson shall convene General Meetings when requested by the requisite number of Committee Members or Members.

b. The Chairperson shall chair General Meetings.

c. The Members shall be given not less than 14 days' notice in writing of the time and place of a General Meeting, and notice shall be deemed to be given by publicising the meeting on the Club's social media accounts.

d. At a General Meeting the Members may elect or remove Committee Members, amend any provision of this constitution and vote on any matters put before the General Meeting by a Member.


8 Rules of Procedure 

a. QUORUM: a minimum of three Committee Members shall form a quorum at committee meetings and at General Meetings. Meetings can be held online if required.  

b. VOTING: every matter, except where this constitution provides otherwise, shall be determined by a simple majority of Members or Committee Members (as the case may be) present and voting. In the case of equal votes the Chairperson of the meeting shall have the casting vote.

c. MINUTES: a minute of all meetings including sub-committees shall be kept.


9. Finance 

a. The Committee shall keep appropriate accounts of the finances of the Group and may nominate one or more Committee Members as treasurer for that purpose.  

b. All incoming funds shall be either stored in a safely handled petty cash receptacle or lodged without deduction to the Group's bank/building society account.

c. All monies raised by or on behalf of the Group shall be applied to further the objectives of the Group and for no other purpose.

d. All deeds, cheques, bills of exchange etc. relating to the Club's bank/building society account shall be signed by any two of the Committee Members, including the Chairperson.

e. The Committee may nominate Committee Members to be signatories on any Group bank account, with the Chairperson.


10. Alterations to the constitution

a. Any alterations to this constitution shall require the assent of no less than two-thirds of the Committee Members at a Committee Meeting, or Members present and voting at a General Meeting. 


11. Dissolution 

a. The Group may be dissolved by a resolution passed by no less than two-thirds of the Committee Members at a Committee Meeting, or Members present and voting at a General Meeting, convened for the purpose.

b. Any assets remaining after the settling of any debts and liabilities shall be applied towards community or charitable bodies within Manchester which have similar aims to those of the Club. Such communities or charitable bodies shall be decided and approved by the aforesaid majority.  

Signed by:

Chairperson: Sarah Miles

Committee member: Aaron Milburn

Committee member: Joanne Barnes

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