Frequently Asked Questions

**What to wear?**
Comfy clothes & shoes, preferably shoes with slippery soles.
High heels are rarely worn in blues, no stilettos please. 


**Do I need a partner?**
Not at all. Everyone dances with everyone & in all our classes we teach every to follow & lead, so we only ever have a maximum of one person not dancing at any time.


**When is the best time to start?**
Now is always the best time to start! We run all our classes as part of a monthly topic, so the absolute best time to start is the first Monday of the month but beginners are always welcome anytime. The first Monday of the month is also the monthly Blues Jam at Matt & Phreds, after class we all head there to listen to some free live blues music! Here we listen & cheer but we'll always be keen to have a dance too.

**Do I have to turn up every week?**
You'll see an improvement in your dancing so much faster if you do but all classes are drop-in so you can turn up whenever you can make it.


​If you have any other questions at all please message us & we'll be happy to answer anything. ☺️