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Friday 9th August

Honey Blues Dancing - Social dancing & taster class

Blues dancing, beginner-friendly taster class and social dance.


*Please note the temporary change of usual venue.**

Manchester's Craig and Catherine will be teaching in August, where they'll be teaching a lesson focusing on close embrace. Traditionally all blues dances would have started with close embrace, and it really allows you to connect with both your partner and the music.

19:30: All-levels taster class
20:30-23:00: Social dance to DJs

**Buy tickets in advance to get the whole evening for £5/£0 unwaged**


On the door prices:
Whole evening:
Full Price: £8
Concessions: £6
Swing North member: £5

Unwaged: Pay what you can (including £0)


Social only:
Full Price: £6
Concessions: £5
Swing North member: £5
Unwaged: Pay what you can (including £0)


*Please consider a small donation towards our DJs*

Register to become a Swing North member at


Address: Christ with All Saints Church, All Saints Road, Heaton Norris, SK4 1QA


No dance partner required. In the taster class everyone will be encouraged to dance both roles.


You can bring your own snacks and drinks to All Saints Church, but please no alcohol. There is a small kitchen where you can make tea.


If you would like to volunteer to man the door, DJ, or even teach, please get in touch via this event or the Honey Blues Dancing page.


We are a welcoming and inclusive community. We subscribe to the S.T.E.P.S. code, which promotes appropriate conduct at dance events, and can be found at the link below. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.


What is an 'all levels class'?
Our classes are all multi-level, like a yoga class, in that we offer options for you to add extra things if you're wanting to challenge yourself but they're always accessible to complete beginners. In our classes everyone dances with everyone & learns to both lead & follow.

What is 'social dancing'?
The best part of the night, we DJ great blues music & people dance! Don't worry, we'll teach plenty of things you can use on the floor or just stay & chat
if you don't want to dance. If you want to dance & don't know who to ask, come & ask us - we can either dance with you (if we're free) or introduce you to someone friendly to dance with

**We have a zero tolerance policy on harassment, everyone has a right to enjoy themselves free of racist, sexist, homophobic & transphobic abuse. Please see our code of conduct for more info.**

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